Reshaping the Future for Artists.

A different kind of record label built to actually help. Collectively we can change the game.

Transparency is Key to Growth

With a relentless pursuit of progress, we see creators at the center of all decisions of their creative material – but with guidance and assistance. We aim to empower early-stage artists with an arsenal of tools to activate their fanbase, and optimize income from the craft. 

We will always be on the forefront of innovative and unique opportunities like our virtual songwriting camp intensives, and leveraging blockchain technologies for alternative royalty streams.

Featured Artists

G. Bautista

Future Classic R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Ethan Castro

Electro-Urban Pop Producer, Contemporary Composer, Engineer

Aaron Chapple

Bublé-esque Modern Crooner, Songwriter

The EOI Artist Journey


Understanding your niche as an artist to separate you from all the noise and prepare you for a pathway to success.


Brand Development

Developing a brand around your artwork and connecting you with a network of professionals that can help you reach new audiences.

Access to EDGE Studios

Work with high-quality audio engineers and producers that will turn your creative thoughts into final products.



Providing access to early stage capital, performance venues, and additional opportunities that help accelerate your growth as an artist.

Content Distribution

Removing all the complexities of launching new music with copyright protections and distribution access with Symphonic.


Access to New Audio Tech

Enhancing your audio experiences with early access to the latest audio tech being researched and created by EDGE Sound Research and EARS.